Your Pregnant!

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Your pregnany

So you are over the initial shock of seeing two lines on the pregnancy test and are now starting to wonder that will be, how will the next 8 months of pregnancy go? Will I have a boy or a girl? What names do I like the best?

There is so much going on during pregnancy to your mind, body and surroundings.

Pregnancy brings with it many appointments with various doctors and midwives, blood tests and the dreaded glucose blood sugar test – this one is hated by women everywhere! It can become overwhelming at times especially if you become high risk and need to have additional appointments.

What you need to remember is that these appointments are there for both the benefit of you and bub. The doctors are looking out for you and bub and are doing everything they feel is necessary to ensure both your safety.

The shopping! There is so much shopping to do for a baby and the great thing is you can start during the pregnancy so that you are prepared when you hit your due date.

A lot of the large items such as a pram, car seat, cot and change table can be purchased and assembled ahead of time, ready for the big arrival.

The clothes shopping can also begin and depending on whether you have found out the sex of bub will depend on how much you can do. Making sure you buy clothes in a variety of sizes is important as firstly you do not know which size bub will be in when they are born and secondly you are bound to receive many gifts including clothes from family and friends and they normally buy the smaller newborn clothes.

When you are nearing your due date is it very important to ensure that you get lots of rest and relaxation so that you are in your best form once bub arrives. Try and make time for a personal day where you go and get a pedicure and manicure, get your hair done, have a nice lunch and spend some money on yourself. It is very important to remember to take care of yourself as well as bub during your pregnancy.

The time has come to start preparing your hospital bag and bubs hospital bag. There are many great lists that you can find online that have the types of things that you should take with you when you go to the hospital. These lists can vary a lot and depending on the type of, length of stay and hospital you will be at will depend on which items you need to take. For example some hospitals provide nappies, wipes and formula (if needed) whilst others you need to supply these items yourself.

Have your hospital bags ready, near the door a few weeks before your due date – there is always the possibility that you will not make it to your due date and you need to be ready to run out of the house, okay waddle out of the house as soon as it is time. Comfy shoes should also be at the door ready.

Before heading to the hospital there are decisions that need to be made about different things and these should be spoken about with your parent before hand and then relayed to family and friends.

These include details of who is allowed at the room during the labour and who is not. This is a very personal time between you and your partner and it should go as close to plan as possible and family and friends should be accepting of your decisions.

The same goes for visitors after the birth. Are you having visitors at the hospital or will you wait until you are home? Have you let your family and friends know about what to do if they are sick and that they should avoid meeting bub until they are better?

Prior to the arrival of bub it should be made clear to family and friends the details around announcing the birth of your baby. With the increase in use of social media platforms it is very quick and very easy for the announcement to be online for all to see. If you want to be the first one announcing the birth, you need to let everyone know this in advance.

The day has come, you’re at the hospital and bub has made their arrival. Holding their tiny little fingers and smelling their soft forehead. Looking at your baby you know that the blood tests, the cravings and the late night online shopping was and is all worth it.