Trimester 2 Bubzy Box

Trimester 2 Bubzy Box
Trimester 2 Bubzy Box
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About Trimester 2 Bubzy Box

    Hi Mama to be!!! Yay finally you have hit Trimester 2. So exciting!! You must be hopefully feeling a little bit better
    But you still feel like you need to be pampered don't you?
    This box is perfect for a baby shower gift also or a gift all for yourself so you have this trimester owned!!
    You are going to feel amazing with all of this....
  • WATERMELON BATHBOMB - MMMMM YUM Great for relaxation
  • NATURAL BODY BUTTER - for that beautiful pregnant belly
  • ORGANIC BATH & BODY WASH - for bathtime with your Bubzy
  • MATERNITEA ORGANIC PREGNANCY TEA - To boost vitamins and minerals in your body
  • MASSAGE OIL - With a massager, ask your partner or a best friend to give you a relaxing massage
  • Peppermint pedi stick - Great for aching feet