Trimester 3 Bubzy Box

Trimester 3 Bubzy Box
Trimester 3 Bubzy Box
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About Trimester 3 Bubzy Box

    Hi Mama to be - your nearly there!!!!!! Oh so close

    Are you feeling like you really need to get all the things you may not have thought of sorted?

    This box has your name written all over it!!! 

    and who doesn't want to be spoiled?? I know I love getting spoiled!!

    You really need this in your's going to be all about the baby very soon.

    • FEEDING COOKIES - great for milk supply and so healthy but yummy too!!
    • BEST LIP BALM EVER!!! - pure peppermint - great for labour and nourishing dry lips
    • ORGANIC BABY WIPES - cleaning up all sorts of messes
    • BABY BALM - (Best baby balm ever) for nappy rash
    • BIODEGRADABLE nappy bags (x50) 
    • ORGANIC HAIR & BODY WASH - Keeping your bubzy nice and clean and smelling delish!!!!
    • BREAST PADS - So soft and comfy!